About The Author

My Story (Adam Woods)

oI’ve been fascinated by pocket pets such as guinea pigs, gerbils and hamster since I was a child.

This was way before the internet and as I’m sure you can imagine, information was hard to come by. I would read just about any book I could find at my local library or at school to gain as much information as I could.

By the time I turned 9 years old my parents finally agreed to let me get my first pocket pet (a hamster) and this was the start of a love affair that has grown and led me to own many different small animals over the course of my life.

Even though I started out with the more common pocket pets such as hamsters and gerbils, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve also become fascinated with hedgehogs and sugar gliders among others and these soon became the focus of my attention and the books I was reading too.

From childhood to the present day, I’ve learned so much about general care, feeding, handling and the individual needs of many different kinds of pocket pets.

As I spoke to more and more owners in person and on forums etc, I found that many of them were struggling with certain aspects of caring for their pet as it can be quite a confusing area, especially for new owners.

I would regularly give advice and point people to helpful websites that would give an answer to the larger and broader questions they had.

As I did this I noticed that lots of the smaller questions pocket pet owners were asking weren’t answered at all on the internet.

This is when I had the idea to start ‘Pocket Pets Forever’. I wanted to create a website that owners could go to that answered and gave solutions to all the small but important questions and challenges they face on a daily basis.

I absolutely love writing for this website and it gives me great pleasure and fulfillment to think that I am helping an owner and their pet, one little step at a time.

Thank you for reading my story and I hope you and your pet can join me as we continue on this journey together.