About Us

“Pocket Pets Forever is a blog/website that’s main goal is to help the owners of small animals such as hedgehogs and guinea pigs to care for their pets by giving up to date actionable advice.

Pocket Pets Forever is best known for its blog where it answers questions and gives solutions that are hard to find elsewhere on the internet.”

Anybody who has owned a pocket pet knows that understanding how to care for your pet is essential for them to live both a healthy and happy life.

As pocket pets enthusiasts, we noticed that it was hard for new owners to find good-quality information about general care and feeding as well as those less-common but important questions that pop up every now and then.

In 2020 we decided the time was right to start a website that solved this problem and was totally focused on helping the owners of pocket pets to better care for their pets.

This is how Pocket Pets Forever was born. We have poured our heart and soul into making this website the very best it can be.

Our main goal of the website is to give fast and actionable advice to both the common and more obscure questions and challenges that owners face on a day to day basis.

 We love helping owners and making a difference in our community and our passion for pocket pets will drive us on to keep producing content and helpful advice for many years to come.