When Can Baby Chinchillas Have Their First Dust Bath?

There are so many things to consider when raising baby kits and one of the key questions we hear time and time again is when you should give your baby Chinchilla their first dust bath which is a very valid question.

In this post, we will take a closer look at when baby chinchillas can have a dust bath as well as many other related and important questions.

So, When Can Baby Chinchillas Have A Dust Bath? At 10 days old it is usually safe to say both your baby Chinchilla kits and mum will be ready for a dust bath. As long as the baby kits are bright-eyed and healthy it will be perfectly safe for them to have their very first dust bath at this time. 

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When Can Baby Chinchillas Have Their First Dust Bath? (More Info)

Most owners will choose to give their baby kits their first dust bath after 10 days. This is usually an ideal time providing that all the kits in the litter are healthy, active, and thriving in life. 

If you feel one or more of the baby kits is unwell it is best to hold off on this activity until they have recovered fully. The birthing process can be pretty traumatic for both mother and baby.

Although it is sensible to hold off on providing a dust bath if you feel there is a need to do so, it is also worth noting that if a dust bath is not provided by the two-week mark it may be more difficult to train your baby kits to use the dust bath. 

They tend to learn earlier rather than later so by delaying this process you may discover your baby kits are not taking so well to the dust bath.

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Why Are Dust Baths Important For Baby Chinchillas?

Dust baths are important for everyday care of your baby Chinchilla. Taking dust baths is a frequent occurrence in the wild and your Chin will take baths mostly for good coat health. 

The dust from the bath helps to absorb dirt and skin oils from the fur. This in turn ensures your baby Chinchillas coat stays clean and healthy.

Since we as owners are unable to bathe our baby Chinchillas in water as we would do ourselves, the dust is a great alternative for good coat care. 

This is why it is so important you provide your Chin with a dust bath a few times throughout the week. In the same way,

We as humans would not go days without having a shower or a bath, your chin requires a way to regularly clean themselves and remove any dirt and grime.

Why Do Baby Chinchillas Love Dust Baths So Much?

Initially, baby Chinchillas love dust baths out of complete curiosity. They see their Chinchilla mum rolling around and can’t help but to give it a go themselves. 

As they get older they learn to realise that there is a purpose to this and taking a dust part is all part of the cleaning and caring process.

You know that wonderful feeling when you get out the bath or shower feeling all refreshed and sparkly clean? 

Well, that’s the exact same feeling your Chin gets when they have just taken a dust bath. Who wouldn’t love that?

How Do Baby Chinchillas Have Dust Baths In The Wild?

Baby Chinchillas in the wild have frequent dust baths to keep themselves fresh and clean. As you can imagine there aren’t that many plastic containers with dust in them up in the Andes Mountains and this is just a simple way we have had to adapt to Chinchillas needs in captivity.

Out in the Wild baby Chinchillas will look after themselves using natural resources. They will use volcanic ash and Andean clay which can be found in the homeland. 

Wild Chins roll around in the ash or clay in the exact same way they would do in the dust bath. This helps to keep their coat free from dirt and grease which can easily build up on the fur.

This is a very particular type of dust that baby Chinchillas choose to use in the wild, it is vitally important that you try to mimic this the best that you possibly can in the home environment. 

Always buy dust that has been specifically produced for Chinchilla use. This is usually made from volcanic rock and is the closest you will find to the baby Chinchillas natural bath experience in the wild.

How Often Should A Baby Chinchilla Have Dust Bath?

Once baby Chinchillas get into the swing of having a dust bath you won’t be able to keep them away from it. Chinchilla’s love nothing more than having a good old roll around and a clean.

It is, for this reason, you mustn’t leave a dust bath in their cage permanently. 

This can result in excessive behaviour usually out of boredom. If your baby Chin is overusing their dust bath, this can result in their skin becoming too dry which will become itchy and uncomfortable.

As a good rule of thumb, allow your baby Chinchillas access to the dust bath a couple of times a week. Source:

This will stop them from using the dust bath excessively and you will often find that they will enjoy this activity much more only having limited access. 

Although dust baths are completely necessary for your baby Chin, look at the level of usage as a treat rather than a permanent fixture in their cage.

How Long Should A Dust Bath Be For A Baby Chinchilla?

In the same way, you must limit the frequency of dust baths for your baby Chinchilla you must also limit the amount of time they spend using it. 

If you find your baby Chin is scratching more than usual, it may be the result of too much bathing which is making their skin dry and itchy.

10-15 mins is usually a good guideline. Some owners choose to leave the dust bath with their baby Chinchilla longer, but we would not recommend more than 30 mins at a time. 

You will also notice that leaving the dust bath with your baby Chins for too long will result in them using it as a litter box which is highly frustrating if you have only just filled it up with fresh dust!

In hotter, more humid environments baby Chinchilla kits will need access to a dust bath more frequently.

 In these types of conditions, it is perfectly ok to up the frequency of usage. Try not to overdo it. 3-4 times a week is ok, but still, have limits on the amount of time your baby Chin spends in the bath.

Use this chart as a quick reference for dust bath timings:

Chinchilla Dust Baths | Recommended Frequency & Time

Regular1-2 times per week10 – 15 mins per session
Humid2-4 times per week15 – 30 mins per session

How Do I Prepare For My Baby Chinchilla To Take a Dust Bath?

It is a good idea to fully prepare yourself before considering giving your baby Chinchilla a dust bath. 

There are certain items you will need to ensure this process runs as smoothly as possible.

  • Choose a heavy container or bowl that will not move around easily. One that is larger than your baby kit and Chinchilla mum to ensure they have enough room to move around and roll.
  • Using a bowl with higher sides or one that is partially closed will help prevent dust from getting everywhere.
  • Specially made Chinchilla baths can also be purchased from most pet stores. There are lots of dust bath houses you can choose from, however, we like the one from Lixit. You check it out on our recommended dust bath equipment page here…
  • Always use dust specifically made for Chinchillas that replicates the type of dust they would experience in the wild for cleaning themselves.
  • Put about 2 inches of dust in the bottom of the bath so it is deep enough for your baby Chinchilla to clean themselves thoroughly.
  • Put the dust bath directly into your baby Chins cage and watch the fun unravel
  •  Remove the dust bath after the activity has taken place
  • You do not need to replace the dust after every use providing it is looking clean, but always ensure to remove any droppings.

Check out this great dust bath video – 

How Often Do I Change My Baby Chinchillas Dust Bath?

Chinchilla dust baths can get dirty and grimy pretty quickly however it is not necessary to fully remove the dust every time your baby Chinchilla takes a bath. 

You will notice when the dust is getting dirty and due for a change as it will actually look dirty. The dust is likely to change colour slightly and look like it has gone off.

 This also depends greatly on how many Chins are using the same dust bath. The more usage it gets the dirtier the dust will become over a shorter space of time. 

Some owners choose to replace the dust weekly whilst others feel the dust stays fresh for a couple of weeks. This is down largely to your judgment, but you will definitely notice the signs of dirty bath and when the dust is due for a change.

Baby Chinchillas have a bit of a habit of urinating in their dust baths and using it as a litter box. If this is the case, all the dust must be removed and the dust bath sanitized before the next use.

What Is The Best Chinchilla Dust For My Baby Chinchilla?

As you know, the only way your baby chinchilla can keep clean is to have regular dust baths.

How well these dust baths clean your baby chin will depend on the quality of the bust you use.

Some chinchilla dust is low quality and contains artificial chemicals that aren’t good for your chinchilla’s skin. 

We recommend staying away from these dust products entirely. 

We have actually shared our recommended chinchilla dust in a short but detailed guide that lists our top recommendations for your chinchilla.

You can see our recommended chinchilla dust, where we share our top pick and where to grab it for the lowest price by visiting our guide here…


In conclusion, there are a few key take-aways you should consider:

  • Make sure your baby Chin is fit and healthy before giving them access to a dust bath. 10 days old is ideal. No more than 14 days is recommended. They learn much better earlier rather than later.
  • Always provide your baby Chinchilla with a dust bath to ensure they can keep themselves clean and healthy.
  • Do not leave the dust bath in your baby Chinchillas cage consistently or it may get used for the wrong purposes. Allow access to twice a week.
  • Limit the time your baby Chinchilla should spend in the dust bath for each session. 10-15 mins is ideal. No more than half an hour is recommended.
  • Always provide your Chin with the correct type of dust for their bath. There are particular types of dust available on the market, especially for Chinchillas.

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