Do Chinchillas Make a Lot of Noise? (The Truth)

One of the questions we hear regularly is concerning the amount of noise Chinchillas make and how disruptive that could be to the home environment. 

This is a very valid question and one that should be carefully considered before deciding to take on a Chinchilla as a pet.

In this post, we will take a close look at how much noise chinchillas actually make so you can make the right decision before bringing one home as a pet

So, do Chinchillas make a lot of noise? Chinchillas can be very noisy creatures and you will most likely hear them making vocal sounds at night rather than during the day. In addition to vocal sounds, Chinchillas have tons of energy and you will hear them jumping and bounding around their cage frequently.

Do Chinchillas Make a Lot Of Noise? (More Info)

Chinchillas are not known for their peaceful demeanour and with that being said can be almost quite reckless at times. 

This is a natural behaviour for them and you will often hear them jumping and banging against the side of the cage. You will notice they almost rebound off the sides and floor of the cage which can make quite a clattering.

Chins can also be quite vocal and can produce many noises and sounds. They seem to have an appropriate sound for every occasion which we think is pretty talented indeed. 

You will find that some Chinchillas are less noisy than others based on individual personality, however, when owning a Chinchilla you should expect to hear a bit of noise.

For some Chinchilla owners, the noise levels are not an issue, but if you are looking for a quiet pet then a Chinchilla may not be for you. 

It is always best to know what you are setting yourself up for when introducing any new animal to the home and here you will find some more details covering the type of noise Chinchillas make, what prompts this behaviour, and some handy tips on how to survive the racket!

Do Chinchillas Make a Lot Of Noise During The Day?

Generally speaking, you will not experience a lot of noise from your Chinchilla throughout the day and if you do, it is likely to be very little. 

Whilst us humans are up during the day you will find your furry friend is usually fast asleep and away with the fairies. Chins chill out during the daytime and only tend to become active if they need food, water, or a toilet break.

Although Chinchillas are generally very active creatures, they certainly know how to relax and get some extra zzz’s in their life. As owners, this can be difficult to grasp and can somewhat mess up our human routines. 

Your Chinchilla will require lots of exercise out of their cages and you should be conscious not to interfere with your quality sleep and relaxation time. Try to let them out first thing in the morning or later in the evening when they are up and active.

You can find out exactly how much time chinchillas need out of their cage by heading over to this post that covers all you need to know…

Do Chinchillas Make a Lot Of Noise at Night?

At night is when you will experience the most noise from your Chinchilla. For a Chin, day is night and night is day. They tend to wake at dusk right through to dawn. 

For most owners, this is not an issue and there are some great tips below which will help you manage this type of noise whilst you are trying to sleep.

At night Chinchillas are at their most active. They will wiz around their cage at lightning speed and rebound off any surface or wall that they can find. 

This is the type of noise that can irritate owners the most. It can often sound like someone moving pots and pans around the kitchen. It is usually a clattering type sound that can be heard and you can be sure this will not stop for the majority of the night.

Chinchillas also have a great set of vocal skills. They are known to coo, bark, and cry with a little bit of teeth chattering added in for good measure. 

There are some exceptions to the rule here and I have personally owned a particular Chinchilla who did not appear to vocalise very often. 

I would say he was the exception to the rule and you should expect some of these types of sounds throughout the night. We will talk some more about vocalisation in a bit.

We also have a great post that explains in more detail all about how noisy chinchillas are at night and tips to help this not be a problem…

Will Two Chinchilla’s Make More Noise?

Yes without a doubt two Chinchillas will make much more noise than one. This is based on two factors. Odds tell you that noise will be doubled when considering two Chins instead of one. 

There’s also the consideration that Chinchillas like to vocalise to each other. If you have one lonely Chinchilla living on their own they do not essentially have any others to socialise to. Two Chinchillas together will happily vocalise with each other.

For those that were wondering, there is not much chance of your Chinchilla vocalising with you directly. 

But can chinchillas learn to know their name? Find out the answer here…

Chins are taught to vocalise with each other. This means if you fancy a little Chin chat this is not very likely and a Chinchilla may not be the right pet for you.

A good example of this is with cats. Cats generally don’t vocalise with other cats unless they are giving them the warning to stay away or have got into a fight.

 A meow is purely created for feline to human interaction. This is why if you are a cat owner you may feel like your cat is having a little chat with you. 

The good news is that’s because they are! You will not experience this type of bond with your Chin I’m afraid.

Are Chinchillas Noisy In The Wild?

In the wild Chinchillas will often vocalise a lot more, however, exhibit other noises less so. They do not have a cage to rebound off in the wild which reduces this type of noise considerably.

Chinchillas in the wild use vocal sounds to communicate with each other and warn one another of circumstances around them such as danger. 

Wild Chinchillas have a comprehensive repertoire of sounds and therefore have a very distinct language. 

They have a rich variation in loudness and melody making their sounds very similar to that of humans in regards to tone and emotions.

Chinchillas in the wild will live their day to day lives communicating with each other through a variation of these very distinctive sounds and emotions. 

There is a much bigger need for these sounds when living in the wild to warn of danger and locate each other’s social groups.

What Kind Of Noise Do Chinchillas Make?

As a Chinchilla owner, one of the most obvious noises you will hear from your Chinchilla is the sounds of them being active in their cage. 

This could include the following:

  • Jumping
  • Rebounding
  • Landing
  • Hitting items in the cage
  • Using their water bottle
  • Nibbling on toys and wooden surfaces

There are also a series of vocalizations that you may experience at night. This will be less so than those living in the wild, but never less sounds you are likely to hear at times depending on how vocal and chatty your Chin is. 

Here we look at some of the key sounds and what they actually sound like. It takes a lot of observation and a trained ear to distinguish between some of the sounds. See how many of these sounds you can recognise.

Chinchilla Sounds

BarkingWarning or Alarm Call
ScreamingPain or Distress
Gentle SqueakingCommunication or Contentment
Constant SqueakingCommunication or Warning
Teeth ChatteringEither Happiness or Anger
Teeth GrindingContentment
SpittingAnger or Warning

Can I Reduce The Noise My Chinchilla Makes?

Fear, not Chin lovers! All is not lost. There are some great ways you can adapt at home to eliminate Chinchilla noises at night. 

All it takes is a bit of careful planning and some extra effort on your part. You will not be able to eliminate all noises completely as that is just part and parcel of owning a Chin. 

You will, however, be able to drown out some of that noise and reduce some of that type of behaviour.

Let’s take a look at some simple ways in which you can manage Chinchilla noise levels to allow yourself to get a peaceful night’s sleep, every night.

Plan Your Living Quarters

It would be silly to think that keeping a Chinchilla in your bedroom was a good idea. I’m only mentioning for the sheer fact I know personally of owners who have tried this and failed miserably. Chins are noisy. 

There is no way around it and in the nicest possible way, you will need to keep them as far away from your bedroom as possible if you wish to gain any sleep.

It is a good idea to put your Chinchilla in a room on their own. The furthest one away from your bedroom. 

This will eliminate some of the noise your chin makes at night immediately. Rooms with carpets or rugs are ideal to help soak up some of the noise.

When we say ‘get your Chinchilla as far away from your bedroom as possible’ we absolutely do not mean sticking them at the end of the garden or in a locked garage overnight. 

The low temperatures at night are a hazard for a Chin’s so do not attempt to remove them from the house under any circumstances.

Increase Your Chins Exercise

There’s no doubt about it, Chinchillas need a lot of exercise to keep them in good health. They have so much pent up energy bursting to get out, particularly overnight. You must give your Chinchilla plenty of exercise and the opportunity to run around out of their cage. 

You should ideally allow them an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening fully supervised.

This may seem like a real pain, but the rewards of carrying out this duty will come back to you tenfold. By allowing your Chinchilla out of their cage several times a day you will essentially be reducing their energy levels. 

This isn’t to say they will at this point not have any energy at night or will stop making noise, but this is a great way to reduce the amount of jumping around their cage they exhibit.

I don’t believe you will ever fully tire out a Chinchilla. They just have way too much energy, but allowing them adequate exercise and playtime will be a massive help in ensuring you get your well-earned beauty sleep.

Choose Cages Wisely

Choosing the right type of cage for your Chinchilla can go a long way to reducing the amount of noise you hear at night. 

The old-style wire cages are really very noisy. You can practically hear every single noise your Chinchilla makes which can be highly frustrating. 

When your Chinchilla jumps and connects with the wire floor or rebounds off the side of the cage it can often sound like a million pots and pans have just fallen out of the cupboard in your kitchen. 

These types of cages are what we would call ‘not human friendly’’

Manufacturers have become much more aware of this issue and newer style Chinchilla cages are often made with strong, durable, noise-reducing materials that really help to take the edge off. 

In fact, flat-bottom cages can also be much better for your Chinchillas feet.

The actual cage we recommend for your chinchilla is the Critter Nation 2 Duel Level Chinchilla Cage. This is a great cage that really ticks all the boxes.

We talk about why we love this cage in our recommended cages page here and we also share an alternative to this cage that we love and  that’s slightly cheaper too.


In conclusion, you can clearly see there are many ways in which a Chinchilla can make noise. There are not just cage noises to consider, but also many other types of vocalisation that occurs.

Unless you take the necessary steps mentioned above you are likely to be plagued with noise the whole night which is not much fun for you.

  • Keep your Chinchillas cage in another room as far away from your bedroom as possible.
  • Provide your Chin with plenty of exercise to help tire them out somewhat.
  • Choose the type of cage materials wisely.
  • Be prepared if you have more than one Chinchilla!

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