Editorial Policy

Here at Pocket Pets Forever, our editorial policy is extremely strict. We have over 20 years of experience in owning and caring for pocket pets and all the content we produce is deeply researched before publishing.

We use the information given by veterans, doctors and nutritional experts where ever necessary and possible and we always double-check the information we provide.

We ensure we constantly submit the most up to date and relevant advice by both reading and referencing the works of experts such as Sharon Vanderlip DVM.

We only link to authoritative and credible sources such as doctors, vets and nutritional experts. The tables and charts we provide are based on the findings of such experts and often from lab research.

We proofread all of our articles to ensure they meet our high standards and so we are sure that the articles themselves fulfil the needs of our website visitors by answering their questions and solving their problems with straight forward and actionable advice.

The companies we link to are highly reputable and trusted worldwide such as Amazon and the products we link to are of the highest quality too and personally recommended by ourselves.