How Often Should Chinchillas Have Dust Baths? Guide + Chart

Chinchillas are quite possibly at their happiest when using a dust bath and it is important we provide them with this little delight regularly to keep them content and in good health.

One of the questions we got asked recently was how often you should provide your Chinchilla with a dust bath and thought this was a subject worth exploring further.

In this post, we will share how often your chinchilla should have a dust bath as well as many other important questions that are related to the frequency that your chinchilla has a dust bath.

 So, how often should Chinchillas have dust baths? Chinchillas should have a dust bath between 2-4 times per week on average. We recommend your chinchillas has a dust bath 1-2 times per week for 10-15 minutes per session in normal weather and 2-4 times per week for 15-30 minutes per session in humid weather.

Here is a table that shares how often a chinchilla should have a dust bath:

Chinchilla Dust Baths | Recommended Frequency & Time

Regular1-2 times per week10 – 15 mins per session
Humid2-4 times per week15 – 30 mins per session

How Often Should Chinchillas Have Dust Baths? (More Info)

Providing your Chinchilla access to a dust bath between 2 and 4 times a week is ideal. Chinchillas generally love having dust baths and you will always notice how excited they are to receive one. 

They associate having a dust bath as a real treat and that is exactly how you should manage its usage. As a treat!

You must limit your Chinchillas usage of the dust bath. They should not have access to this activity consistently.

Leaving a dust bath as a permanent fixture in your Chinchillas cage is a bad idea and is likely to cause problems with their health, as well as potentially causing some behavioural issues.

Dust baths for Chinchillas should be viewed as a treat, but a very necessary one. 

The way to manage this is to put a schedule together detailing when and for how long your Chinchilla will have their dust baths. 

This way you will not forget to provide them with a bath, but at the same time will not forget to take the bath away when their allocated bath time is up.

As well as giving your chin regular dust baths, it’s also important to ensure that you are offering them high-quality dust.

There is a lot of cheap and unauthentic, chemical-based dust available that isn’t good for your chinchilla long term.

We recommend using dust that is natural and not made up of a variety of chemicals.

The best dust for chinchillas in our opinion is Lixit Blue Beuty Chinchilla Dust. This is specifically designed for chinchillas and is totally natural dust that’s mined from the Earth.

You can find out more about Lixit Blue Beauty Dust and our other recommended bathing equipment for chinchillas here…

How Often Should Baby Chinchillas Have Dust Baths?

Baby Chinchillas also require regular dust baths just like adult Chinchillas do. 

It can be very difficult to keep baby Chins away from the dust bath so it is even more important that you have a routine in place and closely monitor usage.

Baby Chinchillas can start to have dust baths from a relatively young age (around 10 days old). 

We have recently shared a guide that explains all you need to know about when baby chinchillas can have their first bust bath and you can check it out here…

As long as your baby kit is looking healthy and fairly strong there are no issues with providing them with a dust bath very early on. It’s always best to start slow and build your way up with Chinchilla babies.

In the beginning, it may only be necessary to provide your baby Chin with a dust bath 1-2 times a week however as they get slightly older increasing to 2-4 times a week will be necessary. 

As mentioned previously, you do not want to leave a dust bath out all day for your baby Chin as they can experience the same negative side effects of continual use as adult Chinchillas (more on this later).

What Happens If Chinchillas Have Dust Baths too Often?

As a result of a Chinchilla having a dust bath too often, health issues can creep up on them and behavioural problems can also occur. 

It’s true to say that Chin’s really like having a dust bath and if left in their cage for extended periods will result in them overusing it. 

They love nothing more than to roll around in the dust and will happily stay there all day if the opportunity presents itself.

There are two main reasons why it is not a good idea for Chinchillas to overuse a dust bath:

1. Health

Chin’s need to have some access to a dust bath. This is how they clean their thick, dense fur and by rolling around in the dust it removes dirt and grease from their coats with ease. 

Chinchillas rely on dust for cleaning as they are unable to get their fur wet. If their fur does become wet it tends to get pretty matted (which is uncomfortable). 

It also takes ages to dry and as a result, can cause them to become unnecessarily cold for long periods (which could lead to pneumonia).

Overall, dust is a much more efficient way for Chinchillas to clean their fur, however, it does have some health implications that you should be aware of. 

Allowing your Chin access to dust 2-4 times a week is perfectly fine and allows them a sufficient amount of time to clean themselves and have some fun at the same time. 

The problems usually occur when dust baths are left in the hands of Chinchillas for extended periods of time.

Chinchillas will overuse a dust bath that is readily available to them and this can result in a variety of skin conditions. 

Their skin can become extremely dry, very quickly which can leave them itchy and very uncomfortable. 2-4 times a week for about 15 mins at a time is a good guideline to follow.

2. Behaviour

As well as some potential health implications, a Chinchilla that overuse their dust bath can exhibit some behavioural issues over time. 

Sadly it is true that Chinchillas in a domesticated environment can become very bored over time particularly if they are not receiving enough enrichment and exercise in their lives. 

They spend a good proportion of their life in a rather small cage and this can take its toll eventually.

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Chinchillas will do anything they possibly can to cure their boredom and if an enticing dust bath is readily available they will not doubt overuse it. 

As well as becoming bored, have you ever wondered if your chinchilla can get lonely? Well, check out this post for the answer…

They see it as a fun activity as well as being something quite practical and given the opportunity will spend a good proportion of their day in the dust if they get the chance.

As mentioned previously, too much dust is not ideal and can result in skin conditions that will eventually need to be treated. 

Treated by you we’d like to add as a vet’s visit will usually be required. This is why it is so important for you to limit your Chinchillas dust bath activity.

What Happens If Chinchillas Don’t Have Dust Baths?

Although you don’t want your Chinchilla spending their whole days in a dust bath it is true to note that providing a bath for your Chin is still important for their wellbeing. 

As we previously mentioned, a dust bath is the only sensible way for a Chinchilla to clean their fur, and responsible owners it is our duty to ensure we are providing our Chin’s with everything they need to do the job and do the job well.

A Chinchilla that does not have regular access to a dust bath will not be capable of cleaning themselves thoroughly. 

They do not lick their fur to groom as a cat or dog would and let me tell you from experience, trying to groom a Chinchilla does not go down too well! (We live and we learn!). The effects of dust deprivation for Chinchillas have been clearly noted in research.

You will find that without bathing in dust a Chinchilla’s fur will be dirty and greasy. Believe it or not, dirty fur is actually quite uncomfortable for them and can cause stress. 

This is something that most certainly needs to be addressed by you. The fur can often become very oily too. You will be able to identify this straight away when you pick them up as It is very apparent. 

Oily fur can get damp and this is likely to then present the same issues as if your Chin’s fur gets wet.

Providing a dust bath for your Chinchilla may just seem like a jolly good time, but in reality, this is survival for them and a necessary part of their life. 

Can you imagine if you were informed you’d never be able to take a bath or shower again? You wouldn’t be very happy (or clean!).  

How Often Do Wild Chinchillas Have Dust Baths?

It is true to say that in the wild Chinchillas are likely to have more dust baths than 3-4 times a week

Dust bath opportunities are ten a penny and there is no-one around to regulate their usage like our own domesticated Chin’s. 

Even for Wild Chinchillas, bathing too often can pose some health risks, however behavioural issues as a result of over bathing in the wild do not usually occur.

Domesticated Chinchillas often over bathe themselves when they are bored and have nothing better to do. 

This becomes a repetitive, never-ending cycle that leads to unpleasant health implications. However, Chinchillas in the wild do not tend to get as bored. 

They have all the space in the world to roam freely and therefore will not usually bathe out of boredom. 

They may indeed take a dust bath more frequently, but this is usually down to the fact they get dirtier much quicker in the wild, and therefore there is a significant need for it.

If you want to know more about how chinchillas bath in the wild then we recommend you check out our new article that shares all you need to know about how wild chinchillas bath and clean themselves.

How Long Can Chinchillas Go Without a Dust Bath?

Chinchillas in the wild will likely need to have a dust bath most days since they pick up much more dirt and grease from the elements. 

Domesticated Chinchillas do not need dust baths as frequently and therefore 2-4 times a week for around 10-15 mins at a time should be sufficient enough to ensure they stay clean and healthy.

It would not be fair to leave your Chinchillas for more than 4 or 5 days without providing them with at least a 15 mins session in the dust bath. 

2 times a week is sufficient for most Chins during normal weather, however, when humidity kicks in you may need to provide anywhere up to 4 dust baths a week. An element of judgment is crucial here.

Do Chinchillas Like Having Dust Baths?

I would go as far as to say Chinchillas absolutely love dust baths! They love to clean themselves and also have a bit of fun along the way. They will happily sit and roll in a dust bath all day if you will allow them to do so. 

As we said previously, this is not ideal and can cause complications. As long as you view providing a dust bath to your Chin as a treat rather than a daily occurrence you can’t go wrong.

Chinchillas seem to get very excited when a fresh dust bath gets provided. It’s like heaven to them and I don’t think I have ever come across anyone that feels differently about this. In some ways, Chinchillas can be a complete mystery however there is no doubting their love for a nice freshly prepared dust bath!

Check out this happy Chin taking a much-needed dust bath…


  • Never allow your Chinchilla free access to the dust bath. They will overuse it which can cause health and psychological concerns.
  • Do allow your Chinchilla access to a dust bath from 2-4 times per week for around 10-15 mins at a time (likely more in humid weather)
  • Only provide dust in a Chinchilla bath, never water. Chins do not do well with wet fur. It is uncomfortable for them and their fur does not dry quickly which can leave them cold for long periods and prone to pneumonia.
  • Change your Chinchilla dust as frequently as needed. You will know when it needs changing as the dust looks dirty and changes colour slightly. Never leave the same dust for more than a week.
  • Always provide your Chinchilla with the correct types of dust that have been specifically made for Chinchillas. High-quality volcanic (ash) dust is best and resembles dust they would use in the wild. Never use regular sand, it won’t help with cleaning their fur.

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