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chinchilla toys

Providing your chinchillas with toys, activities, accessories and all-round enrichment is almost as important as the food you offer them.

When your chinchilla is confined to their cage for the majority of the day, it’s vital that you provide them with tunnels, hides, chew toys and more that will keep them mentally stimulated and encourage natural behaviours.

Knowing what items your chinchilla needs in their cage can be tricky and sometimes it can be overwhelming.

This is why we have created this page, where we have shared only the best items that your chinchilla needs and will love.

If you are in a rush or simply don’t want to read through the page, then we have created quick links to each item over on Amazon so you can check them out right away…


Exercise Wheel

Providing an exercise wheel for your chinchilla is one of the most important things you can do as an owner.

This is because your chin will spend lots of time each day in their cage and giving them an opportunity to run and get some exercise and mental stimulation is vital.

Exercise wheels are like a pets version of a personal gym inside their cage and are must to allow your chinchilla to get the exercise they need.

This doesn’t mean that they should take the place of time out of the cage but I’m sure you get the picture and providing your chin will a way to exercise hen ever they want definitely gets the thumbs up.

When it comes to picking an exercise wheel, there really is only one choice, and that’s the Chin Spin from Quality Cage Crafters

This wheel is hands down the best wheel you can get for your chinchilla and we wouldn’t recommend anything else.

We love the chin spin as it has zero plastic for your chin to chew on and is designed with a wide surface so running is easy.

When you order direct from Quality Cage Crafters, the wheels are made to order and the quality is what you would expect from a well-manufactured item.

For those of you who are colour co-ordinated and love to keep things matching, these wheels come in 6 different colours at present.

Chew Toys

Chinchillas love to chew and this is more than just a hobby as it’s a vital part of keeping them healthy.

Chinchillas like other rodents, have teeth that are continually growing and chewing on wood or other such items gives them the opportunity to keep their teeth short and healthy.

As an owner, there are several things you can do to allow your chin to keep their teeth in good condition, including adding chew toys in their cage.

Below is a list of our favourite chew toys that you can add to your chinchilla’s cage.

These toys are all battle-tested and of the highest quality, check out the list below…


Tunnels and hides are another important part of creating an environment that your chinchilla can feel safe and confident in.

They also help them to explore and get some of that much needed mental stimulation when in their cage for long periods of time.

The style of tunnel or hide you opt for is totally up to you, however, we do recommend going for more natural-looking options as these create a more realistic environment for your chinchilla.

Here’s are some fantastic tunnels and hides that we have hand picked that we are sure your chinchilla will love…

Shelves & Ledges

Shelves and ledges are often overlooked for chinchillas, however, they are actually really important.

They give your chin yet another chance to perform natural behaviours such as jumping and climbing.

This, in turn, keeps them mentally stimulated and provides much-needed enrichment.

When purchasing a shelf or a ledge, you need to consider purchasing multiple or these and placing them in different locations in the cage so your chin has the opportunity to jump and climb in different locations.

Below we have hand-picked some fantastic shelves and ledges that are great for your chinchilla and will help to keep them entertained and active…


As we’ve mentioned a number of times already in this post, it’s vital that you provide your chinchilla with as much stimulation in their cage as possible.

Sometimes offering your chin with a place to chill is just as good as providing them with a place to play.

Hammocks are in our opinion, the best way to give your chinchilla a place to rest and take it easy for a while as well as creating a little mini hide out in their cage.

When it comes to a hammock for your chinchilla, we recommend going for the Niteangel Luxury double Bunkbed Hammock

One of the main reasons why we have handpicked this product is because it’s a double hammock to fit 2 chinchillas. 

This is really important as even if you only have 1 chinchilla now, you really should be looking to add another to your family home soon and having a hammock that seats 2 chins just makes sense, whilst saving money in the long run.

It’s also super easy to connect to the cage it simply clips to the cage where ever you choose.

All in all, this is a great hammock and the one we would recommend.