Chinchilla Dust & Cleaning Equipment

As a responsible chinchillas owner, you need to make sure your chin is clean as so is their cage.

Sometimes it can be hard to know just how many products you need to achieve this as well as which product to choose as there just seems to be so many options all cleaning to be the best.

Thankfully, we have created this page, where we have boiled down everything you need to keep your chinchilla and their cage clean into just a few trusted products.

This will eliminate the headache of going through hundreds of products and trying to decide which ones are the best option for you and your chinchilla, not to mention trying to decide if you actually need them at all.

If you are in a rush then we have listed our top recommendations below so you can jump straight over to Amazon and check them out directly if you wish…

Chinchilla Dust

When it comes to giving your chinchilla a bath, I’m sure you already know that chinchillas can take a regular bath like us humans and most other pets.

And I’m also sure you know that they have developed an amazing way of keeping their coats clean by taking dust baths.

How well your chinchilla will be able to keep themselves clean will ultimately depend on 2 things, the first is how often they are allowed to bathe in dust (around 3 times a week as a general rule of thumb) and the second is the quality of the dust you allow them to bathe in.

With this in mind, there is really 1 choice for chinchilla dust in our opinion and that’s Lixit Blue Beauty Chinchilla Dust.

This chinchilla dust is the most common and highly trusted dust by chinchillas owners around the world.

It’s natural dust that’s specifically designed for chinchillas, which means that it’s not made of artificial ingredients to replicate the benefits that natural dust provides.

This is actually dust from the Earth and not a bunch of chemicals put together that will itch and irritate your chin.

Don’t worry about the fact that this product comes from the Earth though, as it’s reasonably mined for sustainability.

This is the best option in our opinion from a trusted supplier and there really is no need to look any further.

Chinchilla Dust Bathe House

As well as making sure you are stocked up with high-quality chinchilla dust, we also recommend that you grab yourself a dust bath house.

This really is essential or you will find that you will have a whole lot of cleaning to do every time its bath day.

The one we recommend is the Lixit Chinchilla Dry Bath as it allows your chi to take a dust bath both easily and conveniently.

Once you add dust into the bath and place the lid on, your chinchilla will be able to roll around without dust flying all over the room.

You can easily clean the bath as the top section comes right off so you can empty old dust from the bath and clean all necessary areas with ease.

There are a few different styles of dust bath to choose from, however, we find this one to be the most convenient for you as an owner and for your chinchilla too.

What’s more, this dust bat is pretty cheap and you can pick it up for next to nothing so it’s win-win!

Bottle Cleaning Brush

A bottle cleaning brush is often something that’s overlooked when you first bring home your chinchilla. 

That’s to be expected with all the excitement of having a new family pet in the home.

Having said this, cleaning your chinchilla’s water bottle is important and having a brush or piece of equipment for this tank is essential.

The water bottles that you will be using for your chinchilla are likely to have many hard to reach areas, especially in the spout and surprisingly in the bottleneck itself.

It can be difficult to clean small pet water bottles with just a toothbrush or some other make-shift equipment.

This will often take you 10 times longer and be extremely frustrating when compared to having the right equipment from the start.

For this reason, we recommend purchasing a bottle brush set. This will give you lots of different sized brushes and allow you to get into those hard to reach areas.

If we are totally honest, one bottle brush set is usually as good as another, unsell you really go cheap! But if we were to pick out a set we would recommend the ALINK Bottle Brush Cleaning Set. 

This set is good quality and comes with 5 different brushes that are all different lengths and thicknesses so you will always have the right brush for the job.

Chinchilla Cage Cleaning

When it comes to solutions for cleaning your chinchilla’s cage, there are a couple of options you can use to keep their cage nice and clean.

The most popular options are…

  • Bleach
  • Chlorhexidine

Bleach should be diluted by 10 parts water to 1 part bleach. You need to take your chinchilla out of the cage and place them in a safe place (ideally in a playpen) and use the diluted solution to clean their cage.

You should never use bleach in its concentrated form as this can be harmful to your chinchilla.

You should then wash off any of the solution and thoroughly dry the cage before allowing your chinchilla back in their cage.

When it comes to chlorhexidine, you can usually purchase premade solutions, especially for pets and cage cleaning.

The process is the same as when cleaning your chin’s cage with bleach and you should always take care of any chemicals you use around your chinchilla.

We won’t send you over to Amazon for these products, because we feel these items are better purchased from your local store.

One option is to speak to your local vet and ask them if they can provide you with a cage cleaning solution.


At first, you might be thinking that having a vacuum for your chinchilla isn’t needed and it’s just a waste of money.

Well, let me tell you that investing in a vacuum is probably one of the smartest decisions you will make as a chinchillas owner.

This is because having a vacuum on hand can save you tons of time in manual cleaning, not to mention that it allows you to quickly and easily keep odours down.

Something else that’s worth mentioning is that chinchillas can poop well over 100 times per day! And especially if you use cage liners, you can simply run the hoover in your chin’s cage when they are having a play and in under a minute everything is clean and fresh! 

(you will obviously need to do a full cage clean still but cage loners and a hoover can save you lots of time and keep things fresher for longer)

Now, we are aware that there are endless options for hoovers out there and trying to pick one out yourself would be near impossible, and for that reason, we have handpicked a vacuum that is known and loved by the chinchilla community!

That vacuum is the Shop-Vac 5 Gallon as it’s the most equipped for the job and you simply can’t go wrong with this vacuum.

It comes with a whole host of attachments for getting into those hard to reach areas and removing stubborn hay and other objects from your liners and cage in general.

The great thing about this vacuum is that it’s actually really affordable and really good value for money.

It’s more than capable of tackling the job of cleaning your chin’s cage and you will thank yourself for making this investment.