Bedding & Liners

Hedgehog Bedding

Bedding and cage liners are an essential part of your hedgehog’s cage equipment.

Hedgehogs love to burrow by nature so providing them with a high-quality bedding/substrate that allows them to display this natural behaviour is vital.

There are lots of different styles of bedding that seem like good options at first but once you take a deeper look at it they usually pose problems such as producing high amounts of dust etc.

One example of this is aspen, it’s largely popular with hedgehog owners but it contains sharp pieces that can cut your hedgie and even stick in their eye whilst burrowing.

The only bedding we recommend you use is Carefresh. This bedding is specifically designed for small animals and is our number one choice.

One of the main reasons we recommend Carefresh is because it’s made from 100% safe materials with no hard or sharp wood pieces so you as the owner can have total peace of mind.

We also found that it’s way more absorbant than other bedding such as shavings.

It also produces low amounts of dust, which is something that’s highly important for small animals.

All in all, Carefresh is the best bedding you can use for your hedgehog and there’s really no reason to use another material that’s not fit for purpose.

Amazon generally has the best price on Carefresh but you can get this bedding from other retailers too.

Cage Liners

Another important yet often overlooked part of your hedgehog’s bedding are cage liners.

Cage liners are generally large pieces of cloth that line the bottom of the cage under the bedding.

The materials that you should consider are corduroy, fleece or flannel fabrics.

It’s quite possible to make your own liners if you want to save some money as long as you are aware you will need more than one.

You will usually have to wash the cage liners around once per week. 

This means you’ll need to have enough liners to replace the dirty one until it’s been washed, dried and ready for use again.

Alternatively, you can purchase the number of liners you need from Amazon if you don’t fancy making them yourself.

Purchasing them online or from your local pet store isn’t going to break the bank and they’re a one time purchase too.

If you want to purchase specially designed cage liners from Amazon then these ones are made of fleece and bamboo fibre are a great choice and reasonably priced too.